2024-2025 Catalog 
    May 19, 2024  
2024-2025 Catalog


Anna Maria Ciccone Theatre

The Anna Maria Ciccone Theatre accommodates an audience of 300 and serves a wide range of performing arts. Most importantly, the theatre serves as an environment where students develop their skills in a full range of theatre crafts. The Ciccone Theatre is equipped with a state-of-the-art computerized lighting and sound systems. It contains all of the necessary support spaces, including dressing rooms, rehearsal space, administrative office space and storage areas for costumes, furniture and props.

Performing Arts Series

While the primary purpose of the theatre is to meet the educational needs of Bergen students, the facility also serves as a showcase for the performing arts. Dance, theatre, and music groups perform regularly in the theatre.
The Office of Community and Cultural Affairs oversees the College’s Performing Arts Series, which provides a diverse range of cultural events for the campus community and the general public.
Information on all of the College’s cultural offerings, and are available on the theatre website https://bergen.edu/theatresat-bergen/ or by calling (201) 447-7428.

Applied Music Studios

The music program maintains a complete applied music program, where traditional private music lessons for all instruments are taught in West Hall, Rooms 228, 229, 230, and 231, on the College’s main campus in Paramus. The applied music studios are fully equipped and acoustically sound proof.

Athletic Facilities

The College athletic facilities include a gym, pool, six outdoor tennis courts, weight rooms, an eight-lane track, soccer, baseball, and softball fields, and access to the nine-hole county golf course adjacent to the campus. In addition, a fitness par course is located around the grounds of the campus, and there is a Fitness Center in Room S-128 on the main campus in Paramus.

Assistive Technology Laboratory

The Assistive Technology Training Lab is located next to the Office of Specialized Services in Room L-115 in the Pitkin Education Center. The lab provides training and access to hardware and software applications that facilitate access for individuals with disabilities. For more information, please visit our website at www.bergen.edu/oss.


The auditorium is located in the Student Center, in Room A-104, on the main campus in Paramus, and accommodates an audience of 100. The auditorium is used by faculty and student groups for lectures, film series, video conferences, and hosts many of the Student Activities Board’s events.

Health Professions and Nursing Facilities

Each health care curriculum is supported by extensive facilities including X-ray and ultrasound units, hospital laboratory equipment, a dental hygiene clinic, a surgical technology laboratory, and the Veterinary Technology Surgical Nursing Center.

Ciccone Theatre Scene Shop

The Anna Maria Ciccone Theatre has a conveniently located scene shop just off stage right.
The scene shop produces in-house all scenic elements needed for theatre productions.
The shop is equipped to construct scenic elements out of wood, metal, foam, plaster, fabric as well as painting all the scenic elements.

Computer Facilities

Bergen Community College is committed to providing all students with appropriate access to modern technology. All labs are equipped with state-of-the-art computers loaded with the Microsoft Office Suite and curriculum specific software, as appropriate. Many students choose majors or courses where computer hardware or software is the topic being studied. Many more students make use of computers in learning topics like Math, English, World Languages, Visual Arts, Engineering, Drafting, Culinary Arts, Communication, Nursing, and Sociology. Multimedia software and the Internet provide faculty and students with new ways to interact and to better understand many concepts and real world experiences, complementing
traditional teaching methods.

Bergen has over 50 networked computer labs and classrooms designed with a computer workstation for each student. There are additional specialized and smaller facilities for specific disciplines. Also, over 110 classrooms are equipped with projection systems and computer workstations at the faculty work station. All classrooms are Internet accessible. The Library has an extensive network of computers to support student learning and research. Many classes meet regularly in computer-equipped facilities. There are also free-time computing labs open up to 14 hours a day, available to all currently enrolled Bergen students. In addition, the College hosts course-related Web pages for students enrolled in certain Web development courses.

Computer Graphics Lab

The Computer Graphics Lab, located in Room W-319 on the College’s main campus in Paramus, is equipped with 25 iMacs® for instruction in computer print and Web graphics and design. Each workstation has the Adobe Creative Suite, Macromedia Studio, QuarkXPress, and Corel Painter. The lab also is equipped for high-volume color network printing and flatbed scanning. Additionally, iMacs® are available in Free Time Lab, Room W-215, to support Apple software-based applications.

Communities and Cultural affairs - Community Use of College Facilities

As a public institution committed to serving all the people of Bergen County, Bergen Community College has expanded its definition of services to include encouraging the use of its Paramus campus and the Philip Ciarco Jr. Learning Center in Hackensack for public events and programs, sponsored by non-profit community groups and professional organizations. The Office of Community and Cultural Affairs processes requests for community use of the facilities. For more information, please contact (201) 447-7428.

Dental Hygiene Clinic

The Dental Hygiene Clinic, in Room HP 103-107 (Health Professions Building), on the main campus in Paramus,NJ, is open to Bergen students and the public, and provides preventative dental care services.

The clinic is operated by students in the Dental Hygiene Program under the supervision of licensed dentists and dental hygienists.

It is open three days a week in the Fall Semester and five days a week in the Spring.
For an appointment or information, call (201) 447-7180.

Educational Broadcast Center

The Educational Broadcast Center (EBC) provides students with a learning laboratory, which expands their talents in the media field. The center includes a student television studio, a full scale High Definition (HD) television production studio, a radio lab, and editing suites. The EBC is used by students in broadcasting and mass communications courses. The College produces educational television programs, programs for the community, and provides the facilities for commercial television productions. The College also manages and provides programming for Torch Television, Channel 26, on the Verizon FIOS network in Bergen County.

Fine Arts Studio

The Natural Media Lab, in Room W-326, is a spacious fine arts studio with skylight for the Art Program’s courses in drawing, life drawing, and painting.


A new 2500-square foot Greenhouse Complex, in Ender Hall, features four different computer controlled environments, simulating conditions, ranging from hot, dry desert sands to the tropical rain forest. The Greenhouse displays the diversity of plant life around the world. The complex includes a propagation room for cuttings and grafts and a large work area for class projects. The Greenhouse serves students in botany, plant science, interior landscaping greenhouse management, and plant propagation. Students studying in greenhouse production courses have the opportunity to grow a variety of flower and vegetable crops. The Hotel/Restaurant program uses a section of the Greenhouse to grow fresh herbs for culinary use.

Hotel/Restaurant Labs

Having two fully equipped laboratory kitchens in two buildings, with separate dry food storage rooms, a full-service dining room with a restaurant size ware-washing room in one, and a fully equipped student-operated cafeteria in the other, permits students in Hotel/Restaurant/Hospitality Programs to gain professional experience in management, food production and service, and the culinary arts. Commercial food service equipment includes: convection ovens, professional eight-burner ranges with ovens, professional pressure-steamers, dry food storage rooms, broiling units, tilting fry pan, steam-jacketed kettles, Hobart mixing machines, a vertical cutter/mixer, food chopper, combination microwave-convection ovens, reach in and walk-in, six-door commercial refrigerators and freezers. It also is equipped with professional steam tables, restaurant stainless steel work-tables and a restaurant size ice-making machine.


The College has no housing available.

Laboratory Theatre

The Laboratory Theatre, located in Ender Hall, presents comedy, drama, dance, and original works by theater groups and community dance companies of Bergen County. In addition, student productions also are presented throughout the fall and spring semesters.

Manufacturing Lab - Stryker Manufacturing Lab

Located in the Technology Education Center, the Stryker Manufacturing Lab, adjoined by two Computer Aided Drafting and Design labs, houses computerized milling and turning equipment, a model shop, and a meteorology station. In this simulated manufacturing laboratory, students are able to follow a high-tech manufacturing workflow, from developing a design through crafting and testing the prototype, to actual manufacture of the commodity.

Observatory - The Emil Buehler Trust Observatory

The Emil Buehler Trust Observatory, located in the Technology Education Center, is equipped with two permanent 16-inch reflecting telescopes and a third 16-inch portable telescope for disabled students. The new observatory is made available to the community at large and supplements the outstanding resources of the Buehler Challenger Space and Science Center, also located on the College’s main campus in Paramus.

Photography Labs

The Art Program offers both traditional and digital Photography. The Photography Lab maintains a black and white traditional darkroom with 15 enlargers in Rooms S-258 and S-256, on the College’s main campus in Paramus. The Digital Photography Lab in S-258 includes nine iMac computer stations, which serve as digital darkrooms and large format color inkjet photo printers.

Piano Labs

The Piano Lab, located in Room W-210 on the main campus in Paramus, is the College Center of Piano Pedagogy. In this lab, beginning to advanced-level group piano courses are taught on 13 piano synthesizers. The lab also features a grand piano for master classes and pedagogical demonstration. The Piano Lab also is equipped with a number of computers loaded with software for music printing, theory, and ear-training. A second Piano Lab, Room W-211, with 17 new synthesizers also is available for student practice.

Rehearsal and Dance Studio

Located backstage of the Anna Maria Ciccone Theatre is Room C-106D, the rehearsal/dance studio is a fully functioning studio that houses acting, dance & movement classes throughout the year. Rehearsals as well as Theatre Club and Dance Club use the studio each semester.
Equipped with one fully mirrored wall, ballet barres, rehearsal blocks, a spring-load floor covered in Marley and a classroom meeting area, the studio is a spacious and accommodating space.

Recital Hall

The Recital Hall, located in Room W-226, accommodates an audience of 100 and serves as a music and lecture/performance hall. The hall, which features a concert grand piano, also is equipped, with the latest in recording equipment and lighting systems.

Recording Studio

The West Hall Recording Studio is the primary live tracking facility incorporating all aspects of digital recording, composition, sound design, MIDI, and audio editing. It features a fully automated console, digital mixer, Pro Tools HD system, and various outboard processing devices, samplers and synthesizers. The studio utilizes the adjoining Recital Hall for “live” studio recording as well as the recording of all concert events during the course of the year. The multimedia labs, along with the recording suite, offer students the maximum flexibility for creative activity, while simultaneously serving as learning laboratories in applying continuously changing technology to the art of music. Projects in film, audio, video post-production, and integration with animation, radio, and the new game design programs are finalized in the recording studio.

Surgical Technology Laboratory

A $573,300 High-Tech Workforce Excellence Grant, awarded by the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education, provided funding to create and equip a simulated high technology operating room, used to train students in the Surgical Technology Certificate Program on the equipment and instruments used in medical facilities. The laboratory is located in Room S-240 on the main campus in Paramus.

Technology Education Center

The two-story, 50,000-square-foot Technology Education Center features the state-of-the-art Moses Family Meeting and Training Center, a simulated manufacturing lab, six computer labs, two computer-aided drafting and design (CADD) labs, an interactive television and videoconference classroom, and a two-domed observatory. Wireless technologies are used throughout the Center.

Video Conference Centers

The interactive classrooms in West Hall and in the Technology Education Center electronically link Bergen to classrooms in area high schools, colleges, and to satellite downlinks. Through these facilities, the College participates in national teleconferences and offers multi-college classes in areas such as Veterinary Technology.