2024-2025 Catalog 
    May 19, 2024  
2024-2025 Catalog

Academic and Student Support Services


(201) 445-7174

Required textbooks, course materials, student supplies and Bergen Community College apparel may be obtained in the College bookstore, located on the main floor of the Pitkin Education Center. The BCC Bookstore offers a variety of course material options for students, including new and used* textbooks, textbook rentals* and digital books*.

Students may find out the cost of textbooks and order books online at BergenStore.com

The books can be picked up in store or shipped directly to the student. Students should allow five to seven business days for their books to be delivered, especially during the beginning of each semester when book purchases are at their peak.

The bookstore accepts personal checks. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, money orders and book voucher funds** are accepted for payment. The BCC bookstore also offers a book buyback program for non-rented textbooks on a year round basis except the first two weeks of classes. Prices paid during the book buyback process depend on whether books will be used for the current or following terms.

The most current store hour information can be located at BergenStore.com

*when applicable, not all books are eligible in used condition, eligible for rental or available digitally.
**if eligible

Center for Health, Wellness, and Personal Counseling

The Center for Health, Wellness, & Personal Counseling is committed to serving the needs of the “whole” student. We are located in HS-100 in the Pitkin Education Center on the Paramus campus. The department provides services to address each student’s physical health and psychological well-being. Licensed registered nurses provide medical care and physician referrals. Licensed personal counselors provide short-term mental health counseling for the full spectrum of mental health issues, as well as community referrals and on-campus workshops. Wellness staff hosts numerous workshops and programs open to the wider community each academic year. Recent Wellness offerings have focused on mental health stigma, substance abuse, stress management, and violence awareness.

Medical care and health-related services are provided on a walk-in or emergency response basis. Among the services offered are first aid, physician referrals, blood pressure and blood sugar screening, over-the-counter medications, emergency medical response, one-on -one support with health concerns, and tracking state- mandated immunizations. Any illness which a student is experiencing should be reported to the college nurse in HS-100. Injuries sustained on campus or during a college-connected activity, must be reported immediately to the college nurse or Public Safety. If it is not possible to make an immediate report, a report must be made within 48 hours.

To contact Health Services, speed dial #2 if you are on campus; from off-campus locations, call 201-447-9257.

To contact Public Safety, speed dial #6 if you are on campus; from off-campus locations, call 201-447-9200.

Personal Counseling services are scheduled by appointment for the full spectrum of mental health issues, including, but not limited to: depression, stress, anxiety and panic symptoms, sexual abuse or misconduct, substance/alcohol abuse, and thoughts of suicide. Mental health emergencies are handled on a walk-in or emergency referral basis. To make an appointment with a Personal Counselor, call 201-447-9257.

The purpose of The Wellness Center is to promote total wellness in the College Community of students, staff and faculty. It combines all aspects of health - physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and mental. The Wellness Center Committee is composed of interested students, staff and faculty who meet to develop and present programs on current issues. For additional information, call The Wellness Center at 201-612-5365.

The Center for Health, Wellness & Personal Counseling strives to assist students in achieving their health and wellness goals, enabling them to make lifestyle choices that help them achieve optimal physical, emotional, and behavioral health. All of our services are provided at no cost to the student in a culturally sensitive, accessible, and confidential environment. Our facility is ADA compliant.

In addition, students are welcome to visit HS-100 in order to access the resources of the campus Food Pantry. All needs will be met with respect and confidentiality.

Additional Contact Information: Fax: 201-447-0327

Email addresses:

Alcohol and Drug Resources and Services

The Counseling and Health Services Offices are available to assist Bergen Community College students with education, information, and counseling services for alcohol and drugs. Counselors are available to provide students with confidential, nonjudgmental individual counseling, and to help students understand and identify factors that may point to substance abuse in themselves, their family, or friends. Counseling is offered as a first step in acknowledging the presence of a related problem. Counselors provide referrals to treatment programs, and support to students as they make the transition to outside agencies. The counselors maintain a list of agencies which provide assistance with drugs and alcohol concerns in the Bergen County area.

Center for Student Success

Center for Student Success (Academic Counseling, Academic Advising, Transfer Services, Career Counseling)

Website: https://bergen.edu/current-students/student-services-departments/center-for-student-success-counseling-transfer-and-careers/
Room: OS-102, One Stop Center, Pitkin Education Center (1st Floor)
Phone: 201-447-7211
E-mail: aacenter@bergen.edu

The Center for Student Success has a staff of professional counselors who offer a wide variety of services for students.

Academic Counselors assist students in selecting programs of study that are appropriate for their personal and professional goals. Students and counselors work together to choose a program of study that is suitable to the student’s needs, based on factors such as academic status and history, professional goals, and educational backgrounds. Workshops and literature are provided to support students with their academic goals.
Online counseling services are also available at https://bergen.edu/current-students/student-support-services/online-student-services/online-counseling-orientation/

Transfer Central

Room: T-111A op Center, Pitkin Education Center (1st Floor)

The College has entered into several partnerships that expand opportunities through articulation agreements. Our 4-year partners have staff on campus to assist students with completing their degree and streamlining the transfer process upon graduation. Students are able to work directly with these representatives to take advantage of opportunities and events at the 4-year school and apply with ease. Many of these schools offer instant admission events and scholarship opportunities to our graduates.

Transfer Counselors assist students by providing information about the transferability of courses taken at Bergen Community College, articulation agreements with four-year colleges, and the transfer process. In addition, they lead Transfer Workshops, organize Transfer Fairs, and provide transfer resources for the students. Transfer Counselors are available by appointment in Room os.

Personal Counselors provide students with a safe and confidential setting where they have an opportunity to talk about their individual concerns. Personal Counselors help students understand themselves, explore alternatives, reach a decision, or feel more empowered about coping with problems. When appropriate, a student may be referred to outside agencies. Personal Counselors provide personal enrichment literature and coordinate personal development workshops. For further information, please visit the Center, located in Room HS-100 on the main campus in Paramus.

Career Counselors help students develop an understanding of themselves; they guide students in selecting an academic program, choosing a career path, and preparing for employment. The Counselors also offer interest assessments and vocational inventories, which are easy to use and provide students with a realistic view of educational and career options for their future success. Throughout the year, there are many workshops and special events designed to help students to move forward by transferring to a four-year school or into a career. For further information, please call (201) 447-7171 or visit the Center, located in Room OS-102 on the main campus in Paramus

Center for the Study of Intercultural Understanding (CSIU)

The Center for the Study of Intercultural Understanding (CSIU) promotes a greater understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures through better communication and critical thinking skills. Originally introduced at the College as the Center of International Study in 1979, the CSIU is committed to the study of diversity and global issues. Current CSIU initiatives include a research study on the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals, a diversity seminar on human rights, citizenship and liberal education and the promotion of intercultural awareness with students and professors through dialogue. Dozens of Bergen faculty participate in the CSIU committee charged with shaping the organization’s scope and programs.

Veteran and Military Affairs Center

Website: http://www.bergen.edu/new-students/veterans-military-affairs-center/
E-mail: veterans@bergen.edu
Room: Pitkin Education Center, Room L-113
Phone: (201) 447-7997

1. The Veterans Connection

The Veteran and Military Affairs Center ensures that service members and veterans can focus on their reintegration into civilian and student life as well as their academic success.
The College’s faculty and staff are committed to working with student veterans to make their college experience both rewarding and productive.
Veterans Student veterans are encouraged to take advantage of a variety of programs, services and resources at the College that support veteran student their success.
The Veterans Connection at Bergen:

  • Works with veterans to assess their military experience in relation to their academic goals.
  • Helps veterans in learning about VA benefits and how to access them, as well as a variety of programs and services available.
  • Assists veterans with reintegration into civilian and academic life.
  • Introduces veterans to other students at Bergen who share common experiences.
  • Serves as a conduit for raising understanding on issues that impact veteran students.

Veterans should check-in with the Veteran and Military Affairs Center at the beginning of each semester to verify enrollment information and during the semester to report any changes in semester hour loads. Failure to do so may result in interruption of VA benefits.

2. Veteran Affairs

Contact the Veteran and Military Affairs Center for specific information concerning veterans’ benefits.

Veterans are requested to contact the Veteran and Military Center at the beginning of each semester to verify enrollment information and during the semester to report any changes in semester hour loads.

Failure to do so may result in interruption of VA benefits.

3. Veterans

Students planning to utilize VA Educational Benefits should report to the Veteran and Military Affairs Center, Room L-113, in the Pitkin Education Center or call (201) 447-7997, before the beginning of each semester of attendance, including summer session.

It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Veteran and Military Affairs Center immediately of any changes in enrollment during the semester.

Changes to the schedule post the add/drop period will result in debt to the student.

Veterans should check-in with the Center for Veteran and Military Affairs at the beginning of each semester to verify enrollment information and during the semester to report any changes in semester hour loads. Failure to do so may result in interruption of VA benefits.

4. New Jersey National Guard

A New Jersey resident who is currently an active member of the New Jersey National Guard, is entitled to enroll in a maximum of 16 credits per semester without paying tuition.

Tuition-free enrollment is permitted only to the extent that federal and state financial aid does not cover tuition costs; however the appropriate financial aid forms must be filed and reviewed by a Financial Aid advisor.

Applicable fees and materials must be paid by the student as they are not covered by the National Guard Waiver Program.
Students must be in good standing in order to utilize the National Guard Waiver.

5. Priority Registration

Bergen Community College is proud to offer priority registration to current military and student Veterans. Those interested in utilizing priority registration must report to the Veteran and Military Affairs Center for priority registration assistance.

6. VA Pending Payment Compliance Statement

In compliance with federal law, Bergen Community College will not penalize student Veterans utilizing the Post 9/11 GI Bill® (Chapter 33) or Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment benefit programs, while awaiting tuition payment from the Veterans Administration.

Furthermore, Bergen Community College will not prevent the students’ enrollment in subsequent semesters, will not charge a late fee, or require student to provide funding for a given semester in lieu of Veteran Administration’s payment.

Notes: GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Child Development Center

Child Development Center
Website: https://bergen.edu/community/child-development-center/
Room/Building: Ender Hall
Phone: 201-447-7165

The Child Development Center (CDC), located in Ender Hall, is a state of the art facility that opened in 1982. Licensed by the Department of Children and Families (DCF), the CDC can accommodate up to 45 children ages 2 ½- 6 years of age.

The CDC is available to Bergen students and employees, as well as the community.

The center is open from 7:30am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Children can be enrolled on a full time, part time or on an hourly schedule.

An application process must be completed before a child can be enrolled.

Library - The Sidney Silverman Library

Library Contact Information

  • Web: library homepagebergen.edu/library
  • Main Building/Pitkin Education Center, L-Wing, 2nd Floor (L-226)
  • Paramus Library Hours: visitbergen.edu/library
  • Paramus Service Desk: (201) 879-7970
  • Reference Desk: (201) 879-7436
  • Media Services (201) 879-7972
  • Interlibrary Loan (201) 879-7982
  • Meadowlands Location: 1280 Wall Street, Lyndhurst, 2nd Floor
  • Meadowlands Library Hours: bergen.edu/library
  • Meadowlands Service Desk: (201) 301-9692

Computer Services

The Library offers networked computers with high-speed internet access, wireless access (current students and employees), and specialized student computers.

Priority on Library computers is given to Bergen Community College students engaged in course-related work. Printers and photocopiers are available.

Scanners are available at the Paramus and Meadowlands locations

Help for Students

Experienced library staff is available during regularly scheduled hours or via email, telephone, and online chat to help students and to offer guidance in using the Library’s extensive collection of print and electronic resources.

Library Instruction

The Library works in partnership with teaching faculty to provide students with instruction in basic research techniques and database searching.

Library Collection

Library materials are selected with consideration for the diverse educational needs and interests of students, faculty and staff. The collection contains books, eBooks, streaming video, newspapers, journals, and extensive electronic holdings available 24/7, via the Library’s website. The Library collection also includes a full range of DVDs and CDs on a variety of subjects. Textbooks and other course-related materials and multimedia materials are available on reserve at the Service Desk.

Course Reserves

Textbooks and other course-related materials and multimedia materials are available on reserve at the Service Desk.

Media Services

Students are encouraged to visit Media Services for mobile devices and other equipment to support academic pursuits.

Other Services

Computers with adaptive software, including screen magnifiers, screen reading software, and CCTV, are available for students with special needs.

The Library also has an extensive collection of close-captioned videos.

A microfilm/fiche reader/printer is available for use by students, staff, faculty and members of the public.

Services for Students with Disabilities (OSS)

Room: Pitkin Education Center, Room L-115
Phone: 201-612-5269
Website: bergen.edu/oss

The Office of Specialized Services/ Deaf Services (OSS) provides accommodations and auxiliary services to students with disabilities attending Bergen Community College. The mission is to offer all students with disabilities an equal opportunity for success in their college experience.

Determining eligibility for services and/or accommodations is a separate process and done independently of Enrollment Services. Students are encouraged to submit documentation to OSS during the early stages of the admission process in order to ensure timely delivery of all eligible accommodations. The suggested deadlines for submitting documentation are as follows: August 1st for fall semesters, December 1st for spring semesters.

For more information regarding the documentation submission process or services OSS offers please contact the OSS office or visit the website.

Special Accommodations Testing

The Office of Testing Services provides reasonable testing accommodations for students who have submitted their documentation to the Office of Specialized Services (OSS).

Further details about testing accommodations can be found at bergen.edu/testing

Assistive Technology Laboratory

The Assistive Technology Training Lab is located next to the Office of Specialized Services. The lab provides training and access to hardware and software applications that facilitate access for individuals with disabilities. For more information, please visit our website at bergen.edu/oss

Student Center

The Student Center is the community center of the College, a place for all members of its family (students, faculty, administration, alumni, and guests) to meet and interact. The Student Center hosts various activities which the Student Activities Board (SAB), and the Student Government Association (SGA) sponsor throughout the year including daytime musicians, film festivals, entertainment, and other social activities. These activities give all members of the Bergen community a chance to come together and interact.

The Student Center is currently under renovation and is expected to be completed in May 2011. The $5.2 million renovation project will encompass 24, 294 square feet. It features an expanded lower-level Café, with a new seating area, and renovated Dunkin Donuts space with upgraded equipment. The Student Center also features a new space for students to gather and attend meetings and a new welcome center. In addition, upgrades include a new large vestibule, multiple automatic doors and a wider handicapped ramp.

The Student Center will utilize green technologies and conservation practices including a green roof, energy-efficient light fixtures and water-saving devices in the restrooms, as well as energy-saving concepts from Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED).

Testing Services

Testing Services
Room: One Stop Center, Room OS-102, Pitkin Education Center (1st Floor)
Phone: (201) 447-7203
E-mail: testingoffice@bergen.edu

The Bergen Community College Office of Testing Services (OTS) serves the college community by identifying, developing, procuring, administering, processing, and/or evaluating examinations, which meet a variety of administrative and instructional needs.

General Test Taking Requirements

The Office of Testing Services will not administer examinations to test takers unless they provide the following:

  • Valid issued photo identification.
    Acceptable identification is a Bergen Community College student identification card, a US issued driver’s license, a Bergen County photo identification card, a valid government issued passport, alien registration card (Green Card) or a high school identification.
    If you do not possess any of the mentioned valid photo identifications, please call the Office of Testing Services.
  • Student Identification Number.
    A student identification number is either a social security number or a Bergen Community College student identification number issued by the Office of Admissions and Recruitment, Room SC-110, Pitkin Education Center.

Basic Skills Placement Testing

The College requires that all students enrolled in a degree or certificate program AND all non-degree-seeking students who reach their 11th attempted credit take a Basic Skills Placement Test in reading, writing, computation, and algebra. The results of this test determine a student’s required entry-level in both English and Mathematics courses. Under specific conditions, a student may have the placement test requirement waived. There is no fee for this examination if taken in-person. Virtual/Remote testing is available for a fee. For information about waivers as well as placement test information and subject matter review sheets, visit the Office of Testing Services.

ALP/ESL Placement Test - for ESL (English as a Second Language) Students

International students or students for whom English is not their native language may be required to take the Levels of ALP/ESL Placement Test.
This test measures proficiency in reading, writing, and listening and may place students in the American Language Program (ALP).
Students who complete the ALP or who have tested out of the program through the ALP/ESL Placement Test are then required to take the mathematics portion of the Basic Skills Placement Test. Under specific conditions, a student may have the ALP/ESL Placement Test and/or mathematics test requirement waived. There is no fee for this examination if taken in-person. Virtual/Remote testing is available for a fee. Further information about waivers, the ALP/ESL Placement Test, and the ALP is available at the Office of Testing Services.

Challenge Testing

Due to a variety of circumstances, students may not perform to the best of their abilities on the Basic Skills Placement test or ALP/ESL Placement Test.

To assess basic skills proficiency, Challenge Tests are offered in English, Arithmetic, Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QAS), American Language Program (ALP/ESL) and Speech.

Challenge tests are offered continuously throughout the year. There is no fee for this examination if taken in-person. Virtual/Remote testing is available for a fee.

The Challenge Test policies and procedures and testing options can be obtained on the Office of Testing Services website at www.bergen.edu/testing, at the office on the Paramus campus,One Stop Center, Room OS-102, Pitkin Education Center (1st Floor), by email at testingoffice@bergen.edu or by phone at (201) 447-7203.

Proficiency Testing

Proficiency tests are offered as a means of placement for a variety of college-level courses. Successful scores on the proficiency tests allow students to register for a higher level course within the same discipline sequence.

However, a successful proficiency test carries no course credit. Proficiency test policies, procedures, and review materials can be obtained at www.bergen.edu/testing.

Registration for the Proficiency Tests must be completed in person in One Stop Center, Room OS-102, Pitkin Education Center (1st Floor).

There is a $30.50 fee for each proficiency test taken.

Instructional Make-up Testing

The Office of Testing Services (OTS) administers very limited make-up tests as a service for students who, for compelling and exceptional reasons, have missed a scheduled classroom examination.

Students must receive prior permission from and arrange with their course instructors to take these examinations.

Students may take their required examinations during posted proctored testing office hours and must follow the Office of Testing Services Policies and Procedures.

Additional information can be found at www.bergen.edu/testing.

Testing for Online Courses

The Office of Testing Services (OTS) administers very limited testing to students who are enrolled in online courses originating at the College.

Students may take their required examinations during posted proctored testing hours and must follow the Office of Testing Services Policies and Procedures.

Additional information can be found at bergen.edu/testing.

The Henry and Edith Cerullo Learning Assistance Center

The Cerullo Learning Assistance Center (CLAC) comprises the Tutoring Center, Ender Math & Science Walk-In Center, Writing Center, the English Language Resource Center, the Supplemental Instruction (SI) Center, and the Tutoring Center at the Meadowlands Campus.

Peer and Professional Tutors are employed in all divisions of the CLAC.

Below are some of support services offered by CLAC:

  • One-on-One Tutoring Appointments
  • Online Tutoring
  • Math & Science Walk-In
  • Writing Walk-In
  • WriteNow (asynchronous writing assistance)
  • Academic Coaching
  • College Transfer Essay Program
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI)
  • In-Class Tutoring
  • In-Lab Tutoring
  • Permanent Appointments
  • Workshops
  • Intercultural Conversation Partners (ICP)

Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center, staffed with peer and professional tutors, offers free individual and group tutoring, supplemental instruction, and online support for subjects offered at BCC.

The Tutoring Center provides alternative approaches to problem solving and organization skills.

Ender Math & Science Walk-In Center

The Math & Science Walk-In Center (MSWIN) strives to provide tutoring in a nurturing and collaborative setting. The MSWIN is available to all registered students, and no previous appointment is required.

Just walk in, swipe your student ID and start taking advantage of this great opportunity.

Writing Center

  • Room L-125, Pitkin Education Center, 1st Floor
  • Phone: 201-447-7489
  • Website: www.bergen.edu/owl

The Writing Center is designed to serve the writing needs of the BCC community.

Peer tutors, professional tutors, and our faculty liaison serve as writing consultants who work with visitors to the Center in individualized sessions.

Each session is organized to the address the specific needs of the writer.

Areas of support include help with research papers, written class assignments, college application essays, grammar review, and reading comprehension.

English Language Resource Center

  • Room C-212, Pitkin Education Center, 2nd Floor
  • Phone: 201-612-5292
  • Website: www.bergen.edu/elrc

The English Language Resource Center provides help to students whose native language is not English. The center assists students to become proficient in English through individual tutoring, computer programs, web pages, and a lending library.

Tutoring Center at the Meadowlands

The Meadowlands Testing Center administers instructional make-up tests, online course tests, and special accommodations tests.

The Accuplacer placement exam is also offered during select times of the year.

The Meadowlands Tutoring Center offers individual and group tutoring for students on a walk-in or appointment basis for a wide variety of classes.

In addition, in-class tutoring, final review sessions, study groups, and Supplemental Instruction (SI) are available for students to utilize.

Supplemental Instruction Center

  • Room S-119, Pitkin Education Center, 1st Floor
  • Phone: 201-879-3559
  • Website: www.bergen.edu/tutoring/supplemental-instruction-center Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a learning-enhancement program based on the Socratic Method.
    The SI Leader, a specially trained tutor, attends every class of the participating course/section.
    SI Leaders are model students; they take notes while planning their weekly SI sessions and follow the faculty member’s methodology.
    SI sessions are scheduled in the CLAC based on the availability of the students from the participating course/section.
    Each session is designed to help students review course material while developing effective study habits.

Transfer from Bergen

Transferring successfully takes planning and preparation

Recently, the Governor and state legislature created a law that established a statewide transfer agreement for students transferring from a New Jersey community college to a New Jersey public four-year college or university.

Bergen students can now seamlessly transfer their academic credits from a completed community college Associate of Arts (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) degree program to a Bachelor’s degree program at New Jersey’s public four-year colleges and universities. Associate in Applied Sciences (A.A.S.) degrees, which typically prepare students to enter a career, are not covered by the new transfer law.

While the law does not cover New Jersey’s private colleges and universities, many of those institutions have established similar policies that allow community college graduates to transfer with full junior standing.

Transfer to other institutions

What colleges do students attend after Bergen? Many of them transfer to New Jersey colleges. Bergen sends the largest number of its students to Montclair State University, William Paterson University, Ramapo College, Rutgers University (all campuses), and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. In addition, Bergen students have been accepted to and attended the following schools:

  • American UniversityArizona State University
  • Baruch College (CUNY)
  • Boston College
  • Boston University
  • Brown University
  • Cornell University
  • East Stroudsburg University
  • Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Florida International University
  • Fordham University
  • Georgetown University
  • Hampton University
  • Harvard University
  • James Madison University
  • John Jay College (CUNY)
  • Johnson and Wales University
  • Lehigh University
  • Long Island University
  • Manhattan College
  • New York University
  • New Paltz, Stony Brook
  • Pace University
  • Parsons School of DesignPenn State University
  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • School of Visual Arts
  • Smith College
  • SUNY: Albany, Binghamton
  • The New School
  • University of Connecticut
  • University of Delaware
  • University of Maryland
  • University of Massachusetts
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Rochester
  • University of Vermont
  • University of Virginia
  • Washington University
  • Yale University

Transfer Agreements with Other Schools

Bergen Community College has formal transfer agreements for one or more degrees or programs with the following colleges. In addition, Bergen’s general education courses and transfer degrees are generally accepted at most colleges without formalized articulation agreements. For a complete list of transfer agreements pick up a copy of the Artifacts booklet in the counseling center.

  • Berkeley College Caldwell College
  • Capella University
  • Centenary College
  • Columbia University
  • Dominican College
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University
  • Felician College
  • Johnson & Wales University
  • Long Island University Brooklyn
  • Manhattan College
  • Mercy College
  • Montclair State University
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • New York Institute of Technology
  • New York University - The
  • Steinhardt School Pace University
  • Palmer College of Chiropractic
  • Ramapo College
  • Rutgers University
  • St. John’s University
  • Saint Peter’s College
  • Seton Hall University
  • St. Thomas Aquinas
  • Strayer University
  • SUNY Maritime
  • SUNY New Paltz
  • Thomas Edison State College
  • University of Phoenix
  • Wesley College Delaware
  • William Paterson University

NJ Transfer

Given the rigorous academic standards set by the state’s community colleges, New Jersey colleges now maintain a statewide transfer agreement, which permits a seamless transfer of credits earned at Bergen Community College to any public four-year institution in the state. The law reduces the amount of time (and cost) a student commits to a four-year institution, and simplifies the process of graduating from a community college and moving on to a baccalaureate program. Please note, students must still submit for acceptance into four-year institutions. Additionally, some required prerequisite courses for specific baccalaureate degree programs may need to be taken once the student enrolls at a four-year institution, since they are not offered at the community colleges.

Transferring with an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science Degree

An Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree will be applied to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree, and an Associate in Science (A.S.) degree will be applied to a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree as half of the credits required for that basic four-year degree.

To transfer most effectively, community college students should select an associate degree program that aligns with their anticipated bachelor degree major. Five-year degree programs will require transfer students to complete all credits required for the bachelor’s degree beyond the initial 60-64 credits that will transfer with the associate degree.

The A.A. and A.S. degrees will satisfy all lower-level General Education requirements, unless there are graduation requirements or major-specific prerequisites that were not completed within the associate degree.

Students should use NJ Transfer www.NJTransfer.org when choosing courses so that they can be sure to complete any prerequisites required by the four-year college or university for their major. Consult with a transfer counselor for additional information.

The statewide transfer agreement does not guarantee admission to any four-year institution. Admission requirements vary by college, and many majors have a competitive admission process. It is a student’s responsibility to research and fulfill all admission requirements, and complete the application process for each institution he/she applies to.

After a student has been admitted, the four-year institution will identify the remaining courses a student will need to take to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Each New Jersey public four-year college or university has a minimum grade requirement for community college courses to count as transfer credit. In most cases, the minimum grade requirement is the same for transfer students as it is for students who attended the four-year institution during their freshmen and sophomore years. However, it is a student’s responsibility to check with the four-year college or university that he/she is interested in to find out the minimum transfer grade requirement.

Transfer Scholarships

Many colleges offer scholarships to students who graduate with an A.A. or an A.S. degree. These scholarships vary in terms of grade point averages and the amount of money awarded.

Scholarships also are available for graduates who are members of Phi Theta Kappa (The International Honor Society of the Two-year College). These awards usually cover full tuition. A helpful Website for the Phi Theta Kappa awards is g, which lists all of the New Jersey colleges offering Phi Theta Kappa scholarships and the person to contact for additional information.

Scholarships also are available for graduates who are members of Phi Theta Kappa (the official Honor Society for community colleges). These awards vary in terms of grade point average and the amount of money awarded. A helpful website for the Phi Theta Kappa awards is www.njccc.org, which lists all of the New Jersey colleges offering Phi Theta Kappa scholarships and the person to contact for additional information.

For further information, please contact a Phi Theta Kappa advisor by emailing ptk@bergen.edu or calling (201) 879 -8997.

Transcript Request Forms

The College offers Electronic Transcript Ordering Service provided through the National Student Clearinghouse at www.getmytranscript.com for official and unofficial transcripts. An e-Transcript is a certified .PDF delivered version of your transcript that is retrieved through the National Student Clearinghouse secure website. The College is not obligated to furnish a transcript to any student or alumnus who has not satisfied all obligations with the College. The National Student Clearinghouse charges a $4 non-refundable fee for each transcript. Transcripts do not include non-credit courses or courses in progress.
Step-by-step instructions on how to request an official academic transcript from Bergen Comunit College can be found at https://bergen.edu/registration/request-transcripts/

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center, located in the Student Center, offers weekly tours of the Pitkin Education Center, and has a variety of brochures and pamphlets available about the College; it also has bus schedules and information about the diverse activities available at the College.